Открытый Политех


AT THE TURN OF THE XX-XXI centuries, breakthrough directions in the creation of new principles for the formation of active, adaptive and intelligent materials and systems were outlined in materials science. These principles are based on the latest fundamental achievements of related sciences and the capabilities of computer modeling. It is in this area that the scientific research of materials scientists of the world will be of interest.

Our course is designed for bachelors and masters in materials science or a related field. The course will be USEFUL for specialists in nanotechnology in the field of creating bulk nanostructured materials.

WE will analyze the existing types of bulk metallic nanostructured materials. WE will study the technological features of methods for producing nanostructures in carbon steels, as well as the structure and properties of these materials. WE will tell you about the trends in the development of technologies for obtaining bulk metallic nanostructured materials.

If you work in industry or do laboratory, research work, the knowledge and skills gained will provide a good opportunity for career growth and development.

The student must have knowledge of physics, chemistry and the basics of materials science.

Raise your knowledge level!

After mastering the program of our course, YOU will know and understand the methods of obtaining bulk nanostructured metallic materials, as well as analyze their properties and structure. YOU will gain knowledge about the features of the behavior of nanostructured carbon steels under deformation and thermal effects. YOU will learn about the design features of innovative technological processes for obtaining bulk nanostructured metallic materials.

1. Nanostructured metals. General information

2. Carbon steel after equal channel angular pressing

3. Peculiarities of nanostructured carbon steels behavior after different kinds of further processing

4. Designing new methods of deformational nanostructuring for long length products

5. Final