Открытый Политех


The course will help train specialists in the field of processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, creating effective chemical means for protecting agricultural plants and animals, new materials, including advanced alloys (superalloys), advanced polymers, advanced composite materials, advanced ceramic materials, metal powders and metal-powder compositions, and metamaterials.

The purpose of the course is to provide students with knowledge about modern technologies and methods for using composite materials with carbon fillers and their application in various industries.

Composite materials with carbon fillers allow you to make innovative technical decisions and create products, helping consumers in all industries to make their production more reliable, safe, cost-effective and competitive.

This course allows you to obtain the following knowledge about composite materials:

  • • Carbon nanostructures and composite materials based on them.
  • • Modern approaches to the creation of high-performance composite seals with carbon fillers.
  • • Industrial technologies for producing flexible graphite foil reinforced with carbon fibers. Areas of application for flexible graphite foil.
  • • Fireproof materials of thermally expanding type. Fire retardant materials based on intercalated graphites. Fire retardant materials based on high molecular weight ammonium polyphosphate.
  • • Flexible composite fire retardant materials.
  • • Thermal insulation materials on an organic and inorganic basis.
  • • Composite materials with a changing phase state.
  • • Thermal insulation materials for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy based on oxidized graphite.
  • • The scientific basis for the creation of heat and flame retardant materials.
  • • Key criteria for a modern approach to creating high performance seals.
  • • Analysis of the features of the use of the most common modern materials used for the production of industrial seals.
  • • Areas of application of materials based on polytetrafluoroethylene.
  • • Asbestos-free composite materials based on nitrile butadiene rubbers.
  • • High temperature sealing materials.

1. 1. Introduction to composite materials with carbon fillers

2. Composite Materials Industrial Application

3. Polymer composite materials (PCM) and polymer matrices

4. Product manufacturing technologies using reinforcing fillers and thermosetting plastics